What are Thinkocrats® Smart Card Games?

Comp is the short form for “Comparison“. Therefore, when you play country comps, you are basically comparing facts about countries. When you play Car Comps, you are comparing key features of cars. In most cases, the person who has a higher number for a given fact (e.g. population, land area, top speed (for cars)) wins their opponent’s card.

The goal of these 4 educational card games (country comps, state comps, city comps and car comps) is to learn about facts, strengths and features of nations, US states, global cities and most popular or interesting cars.

  • Who is it for? Anyone who can read numbers, small and big.
  • How many people can play this game? Typically 2, but 3-4 is possible too.
  • How long does it take? Typically 30-60 minutes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 51-52 country/state/city/car profiles, each with 6 numerical facts to pick and compare with other players.
  • A fresh look at a classic and timeless educational card game for 8+ kids and their families.
  • Ideal for home-schooling, game-schooling, school breaks, play dates, holidays, long commutes and flights.
  • A smart way to reduce screen time, encourage active learning and help with math,  geography knowledge and in case of Car Comps with car knowledge.
  • Promotes growth mindset, critical thinking and global citizenship.

How to Play THINKOCRATS® Country Comps?

How to Play THINKOCRATS® State Comps?

How to Play THINKOCRATS® City Comps?

How to Play THINKOCRATS® Car Comps?

About the Co-Creators and Our Story

  • Alex Azarmina is the Chief Design Officer of Thinkocrats Smart Games. He has been to 14 different countries and lived in New York City, Silicon Valley, Orange County and Los Angeles. He loves numbers and has provided critical and artistic input at every stage of creating this game. He was 6 when we created these games.
  • Dr. Pejman Azarmina is the founder of Thinkocrats, a leadership development community and the CEO and co-founder of Relationship Panoramic Inc., a California Benefit Corporation. He is an MD by training, a Senior Medical Director at Pfizer, and a prolific musician and author with 6 albums and 11 books to his credit.
  • Boredom is the mother of many inventions! While in a career transition in the first part of 2020 and stuck at home at the height of COVID-19 quarantine, we got busy re-inventing one of the timeless card games that I used to play growing up. After multiple prototypes and hundreds of hours of testing, Thinkocrats Smart Card Games were born. We loved them so much that we decided to bring them to the market so all children across the globe could enjoy these fun-filled educational games. With your positive energy and supports, we hope to develop and offer more games like these to the market.

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